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Dr. Dean Ortner is the eldest of eight boys whose parents were both professors in the fields of rocket science, metallurgical engineering and math.  At age nine, showing a precocious inclination for education, Dean designed an analog  computer to help with his math homework.

Dean began his university training at age 15 in aeronautical/electrical engineering, designed and built his own plane, then transferred to medicine and bio-nucleonics. On two occasions, he studied opera and art through the Sorbonne, Paris.

He assumed a faculty position as a research scientist at North Dakota State University teaching post-doctoral students in advanced surgical techniques, medical entomology/toxi-cology and instrumental analysis as well as brain surgery on mosquitos.

He has guest lectured at Johns-Hopkins Medical School, Harvard, Princeton, Purdue, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech among others under the auspices of the Staley Lectureship series for visiting professors.  His second doctorate is in the field of Humanities after his professor parents urged him not to become only trained, but educated.  His love for languages encouraged him to study French, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Japanese and Chinese.

Author: Published four books, a fifth being edited

Pilot: Checked out in the T-34, T-37, and F-18

Military: Commissioned as Lt. Col. USA Airborne (Hon.)

Honors: Presented with the President’s Outstanding Service Medal (only the 32nd issued since Pres. George Washington).


Believing that God revealed Himself in creation, Wonders of Science presents evangelistic programs using electrifying, live science demonstrations as a tool for communicating Biblical and spiritual truth. An entertainingand enlightening program, this unique series reaches young and old, the uneducated and those with advanced degrees.

Wonders of Science proclaims salvation through Jesus Christ by demonstrating natural law as discovered by science. These non-denominational programs can be used by military chaplains, churches, Christian schools, Christian Business Men's Committees, ministerial associations, or any group wishing to proclaim salvation through Jesus Christ.

This one-of-a-kind series weds the parable method of teaching with the technology of the day in a never-to-be-forgotten program.

A series of four, live 60 to 90 minute presentations, Wonders of Science uses scientific demonstrations to illustrate spiritual and Biblical principles.Presented on consecutive evenings, each program differs from the others.The series is low-key but strongly evangelistic and evangelical. Audience participation, humor, and mind-boggling science demonstrations supplementthe down-to-earth presentation of scientific principles. Applications drawn from these principles show the existence of an intelligent Creator and the claim He has on individual lives.

Wonders of Science appeals to today's interest in scientific information,and the un-churched feel comfortable in attending, especially when the programs are held in a neutral auditorium (civic center, school auditorium, theater,etc.).