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From the Military


"I am writing at this time to express to you my personal appreciation and respect for Dean Ortner and to inform you of the excellent presentations he made. This is the fifth time we have experienced Wonders of Science (we being my wife andI). I have been impressed with the fact that each time I gain a new insight and lesson."
--Charles H. Schilling, Brig Gen, USA West Point Military Academy--

"You are to be commended not only for the fine style and depth of your presentations but also for your perceptive approach to our soldiers. Your clear, interesting, comprehensible, and entertaining presentations contributed immeasurably to communicating the Word of God."
--Edward A. Dinges, Maj Gen, USA--


"Dr.Ortner has a keen knowledge of natural laws and how they correlate with spiritual laws. The audience was kept on the edge of their seats."
--W.G. Pfeiffer, Capt, U.S. Naval Reserve--

"I have used this resource in my own ministry in the past and have known several others that have done so as well. In every instance the feedback and results were always very strongly positive."
--J.D. Mortiz, Capt, CHC, USN--


"Wondersof Science is the kind of program I can genuinely recommend to other military commanders. The troops not only learned something about physical science, but they are introduced to God in a 'low-threat' environment which is conducive to being accepted."
--Clifton C. Clark, Jr., Brig Gen, USAF--

"The message you presented to our people was very interesting, instructive, and meaningful. I recommend this series for any military installation."
--Fredric N. Buckingham, Brig Gen, USAF--

Dean answers the questions of airmen
"Wonders of Science is the kind of program that can benefit any military community. I recommend this program to all Base Commanders and Chaplain Sections for its broad appeal, low-key approach, and realistic message of faith."
--Peter A. Land, Col, USAF--


"Your warm, friendly personality and exceptional speaking ability make for an enjoyable evening; but when you combine those talents with your uncanny ability to explain complex scientific principles that both young and old can understand, the end result is nothing short of spectacular!"
--J.J. Sullivan, Col, U.S. Marine Corps--

"'Most Worthwhile!'  That comment voiced by a recruit summarized the reaction of many others who enjoyed your sparkling presentation at our recent Wonders of Science here at Parris Island."
--Mil A. Yi, Lt, U.S. Naval Reserve, Marine Corps Recruit Depot--


"My troops need to hear the good news of the Gospel as they are giving their lives defending freedom around the world. Please come as soon as you can with your wonderful program!"
--Deputy General, UN Forces, Korea--

"We've even given away free ice cream and still haven't had this many people turn out for our picnics!"
--A Base Commander--

Civilians Commenting on the Programs


"Thus far we have tabulated 32 salvation decisions and 80 individuals requesting Bible studies. It is my opinion that Wonders of Science was a great success. Our crowds totaled over 1,800."
--An Indiana Organizing Committee Chairman--

"We received nothing but wonderful positive comments about each presentation. Dr.Ortner not only kept the children's attention, but also sparked the minds of the well educated adults. It definitely was a benefit to all who listened."
--A Program Sponsor from New York--

"While Dean's presentation was spectacular and exciting, at the same time he gave the gospel clearly and in terms that unchurched people and science-minded people could understand.... We know for sure that several people made a decision for Christ while he was here."
--A California Pastor--

"I just want to express to you how much the Wonders of Science ministry meant to our ministry here. We had more decisions for Christ during that period of time than anything we have done in the past five years. I had more positive input from more people than any other program we have done."
--A New Hampshire Program Director--


"I thought it was going to be 'scientific hocus-pocus' but now I'll go back to the lab and invite some real scientists."
--A Minnesota Scientist--

"I recently had the pleasure of attending a series by Dr. Dean Ortner. Even though I am not scientific minded, I found the series extremely fascinating and I was able to follow everything."
--A Visitor in Pennsylvania--

"I just attended four nights of Wonders of Science and it was fantastic. The demonstrations were phenomenal and the gospel was presented with clarity and power. Great job!"
--A Visitor from Lawrenceville, Georgia--

"I see God now in a totally different perspective. I really enjoyed the way Dr.Ortner explained everything."
--A 13-Year-Old Florida Girl--


"I found much to make me think about after attending your program on light."
--A German Agnostic--

"You have presented your views with such conviction and authority yet in such a gentle and caring way. I envy the peaceful spirit of hope in your demeanor."
--An Atheist in Canada--

"I'll admit, I really wasn't sure about coming here at first, but you answered all my questions and objections about trusting the Lord. I wouldn't have listened otherwise."
--A Skeptical Father--

"Usually these people use science to attract people to the programs and then go into a hell fire and brimstone thing. But I was tremendously impressed by Dean Ortner. He couldn't have done a better job of presenting science and weaving in his message."
--A Pennsylvania Physics Professor--