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While each evening in the four-part series is a different and independent presentation, there is a sense in which the programs build on each other.Dean Ortner covers a different area each evening and repeats only one demonstration during the four nights.

Program 1 - Light and Color. During this initial program, Dean explores time lapse photography; the photoelectric effect; modulation/detection of light transmission; the physics of laser light generation and its practical uses; photosynthesis; chemiluminescence; color theory (additive and subtractive); polarized light; complementary after images; UV fluorescence and phosphorescence; polarized light; and crystal refraction.

Program 2 - Sense Perception and Natural Law. This evening's program centers on the physiology of hearing; speech/hearing interdependency; optical illusions and preconceptions; unreliable senses of touch, smell and taste; strobe light effects; and angular perception/distortion anomalies. In addition, Dean looks into the laws of electro magnetic induction fields; centrifugal and centripetal forces (gyroscopes in guidance control systems); and timed chemical clock reactions.

Program 3 - Recording Devices. This program studies remote sensing pick-up; surveillance techniques; computer memory devices; latent excitable phosphor imaging; residual magnetic field detection (Barkhausen Effect); permanent/electro magnetic theory; directional microphones; tape recordings; CDs; molecular memory systems; and infra-red imaging.

Program 4 - Resonance. In this final lecture, Dean surveys photoelectric vs. photo pressure light sources; photon weapon systems; "photon sailor space tugs"; matter/ space coexistence; scalar weapons; resonant destruction of crystal; resonance and bridge design; and trans-dimensional transport.


Dean Ortner's four-part Wonders of Science series moves carefully to win the confidence of the audience. While each program stands as an independent presentation, the greatest impact comes to those who see all four programs. We have a great deal of fun and audience participation the first two nights, all the while increasing the amount and depth of Scripture discussed. The final evenings bring out, in a more complete way, the necessity of a personal commitment. However, each evening contains a Gospel presentation.

Program 1 - Light and Color. The first presentation concerns itself with light and color, and the necessity of God using words to express Himself to finite human beings.Jesus said, "I am the Light of the world," but to His disciples he said, "You are the light of the world." Dean investigates this apparent conflict by demonstrating what light is and how it behaves. A discussion of color, and how light gives us color and beauty, shows that life as we know it would be physically impossible without light. Jesus said, "I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly."Dean discusses the newness of life in Christ and the waste brought about by drugs, etc. He shows that the limitation in not being able to see these truths lies in us and not in the Person or Book under investigation.

Program 2 - Sense Perception and Natural Law. This demonstration has to do with the inability of our senses to provide us with accurate scientific information. We learn by experience, and we experience everything through our unreliable senses. This program investigates the basic five senses. Many demonstrations illustrate the in adequacies of these senses. Dean spends quite some time on the sense of sight, naturally,since people feel that if they can see it they will believe it. Some of the demonstrations used during this presentation are so incredible they will never be forgotten. Next Dean moves along to the problem of what to place your faith or trust in if these senses are so lacking. He quotes Lamentations 3:23 about not trusting in princes and chariots, but "Great is thy faithfulness."The one thing we can count on is the faithfulness of God. This he develops by investigating gravity, natural forces, and chemical reactions, all of which God designed to be trustworthy. If, then, God created this physical universe with such beautiful mathematical precision and design, then He also has some laws for eternity!  Here Dean develops the Proverb "there is a way which seems right to a man...,"and reveals God's way of faith according to Scripture.

Program 3 - Recording Devices. The third presentation centers in the discussion of God keeping records.The program investigates the possibilities of Revelation 20:12 (the opening of the books). Various recording devices demonstrate the reality of Habbakuk's statement that "the walls and the timbers in the ceilings shall rise up in judgment against you." Dean combines a discussion of recordings of light images, and others made on tape, with a look at remote surveillance techniques. During this program, Dean shares and explains the Scripture which says "And this is the record, that God has given to us eternal life andthat life is in His Son. They that have the Son have life."

Program 4 - Resonance. This demonstration deals with high frequency electricity and the principle of being in or out of tune with things. Dean illustrates solid mass passing through another solid and sound getting in tune with glass enough to break it. All these and more illustrate the possibility of another very realworld existing right in front of our eyes, but since we are not in tune with it (spiritual realm), we won't see it. Some time is spent on the physical and scientific explanation of the resurrection miracle and the necessity of being born again into another family, God's, which happens to be spiritual in nature.


The entire series is designed to reach that individual who has doubts and questions, but who would not enter a church to find the answers. Our purpose with the tool that God has entrusted to us is one of soil preparation and seed planting. Many times we also have the joy of watching the Spirit give the increase.

Because of the tender state of the unchurched, we strongly discourage any of the more traditional methods of conducting church/chapel oriented functions (i.e. no offerings, group singing, benedictions, etc.). As he presents these demonstrations, Dean asks the Lord to make him sensitive to the mind set of the unchurched person and to keep him aware of how they will react to what he does or says. The goal is to do as Paul and become all things to all men. We do not want to hinder the Spirit of God by getting in the way with our traditions.