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The auditorium quiets. On center stage, Dean Ortner positions himself on an electric coil. Auditorium lights dim,the platform darkens. Nerves tense in preparation for a one-million volt electric charge.

Already Ortner has fascinated the audience with amazing science demonstrations... a voice that shattered a glass, a bugle call from a beam of light, a frozen shadow, metal rings that defied gravity.

Magic? Illusion? No! No tricks or slight of hand here. Ortner has demonstrated principles of natural law as discovered by science. Now, in a darkened auditorium, the audience awaits his most breathtaking demonstration.

All eyes focus on the center of the darkened platform. A dim light illuminates Ortner as he stands on a barrel-like object. No one speaks.

Out of the darkness a voice cries, "Fire!" and the stage glows with the light of one million volts of man-made lightening. Passing through Ortner's body, the electricity ignites a wooden board held in his hands. Lightening streaks from his fingers tips.

A few moments later, the powerful electric force ceases, the room lights brighten. Uninjured, Ortner climbs off the coil and continues his message.


"Your body's electrical system and muscles are in tune with 60 cycles," Ortner explains. "We change the standard 60 cycles to 65,000 cycles. At 60 cycles your muscles would contract so violently that, if we used it on the coil, it would throw your dead body across the room."

Why does he take such a risk?

"No other illustration shows so vividly how one can be in tune or out of tune with his source of power. If you are not in tune with God,you cannot tap into His source of power."

Ortner, who began taking university courses at age 15, has presented the Wonders of Science demonstrations to standing room only crowds at Olympic Games, World's Fairs, Camp David, and all three U.S. military academies. His scientific demonstrations have won praise from U.S.chaplains, base commanders and generals at military installations across the country, and from civilians at every corner of the continent.

Wonders of Science demonstrations startle, baffle, and entertain more than 40,000 each year. Ortner finds himself on platforms at military bases, public schools, civic auditoriums and churches. His scientific program provides an inspiring and spectacular demonstration of the power and design of natural law.

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