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What is Wonders of Science?

Wonders of Science is a series of four 90-minute presentations using scientific demonstrations to illustrate spiritual and Biblical principles. Presented on consecutive evenings, each program differs from the others. The series is low-key but strongly evangelistic. Audience participation, humor, and mind-boggling science demonstrations supplement the down-to-earth presentation of scientific principles. Applications drawn from these principles show the existence of an intelligent Creator and the claim He has on individual lives. Wonders of Science appeals to today's interest in scientific information, and the unchurched feel comfortable in attending, especially when the programs are held in a neutral auditorium (civic center, school auditorium, theater, etc.).

Is this new?  How long have you been doing these programs?

Wonders of Science began in the 1930's, when the concept of using science to illustrate the gospel was used by California pastor Irwin Moon. His sermons became so popular, he eventually left the pastorate to devote himself full-time to his demonstrations. Following World War II, Dr. Moon began to use this principle in the making of motion pictures. The result became the world-famous Moody Institute of Science films. While the films spread around the world, the live presentations continued to be presented across the continental U.S., Canada, Alaska,and occasionally overseas. The demonstrations were presented at World's Fairs in San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Montreal, and Spokane. Of the 700 exhibits at the NewYork World's Fair, Time magazine selected them as one of the best in a listing of their choice for the top 20 attractions. In Montreal, it ranked in the top five attractions for capacity crowds,and by special request from the mayor of Montreal, it remained open after the fair closed, becoming the only pavilion to reach the milestone of opening its doors 10,000 times. The combination of films and live demonstrations were used in evangelistic projects at the Munich, Montreal and Atlanta Olympic games. The live programs have been presented before more than 6 million people, visited more than 600 military bases (including each service academy and Camp David), and have been used in hundreds of communities through local Christian organizations.

Is Wonders of Science appropriate for our setting?

Wonders of Science has been used in a very real way to strengthen the faith of Christians and help young people see the existence of a Creator behind this universe. However, Wonders of Science is an evangelistic ministry and each of the four programs contains the gospel message. While Wonders of Science does edify, educate, and entertain Christians, it is designed to reach lost men and women for Jesus Christ. The unique medium of science attracts people with a scientific mind who might never set foot inside of a church. The goal and mission of Wonders of Science is evangelism. When Wonders of Science is presented to a predominately Christian audience, such as a Bible conference, it is for the purpose of exposing Christians to our ministry that we might obtain a broader base of prayer and financial support. For these reasons, Wonders of Science presents an evangelistic series rather than an inspirational series. This is one of the reasons we strive to present many of our programs each year on military bases, often in the base theater. Wonders of Science is an appropriate program for churches seeking an outreach to the community.

To what audience does Wonders of Science appeal?

Wonders of Science appeals to all age groups and people with varying levels of educational achievement. One viewer wrote, "I've never seen any ministry that can maintain the interest of a 4-year-old boy or an 80-year old woman, and do it for one and one-half hours! Not with fancy music or entertainment, but speaking God's truth through science." Our emcee has the unique ability to communicate to various age levels. In the same program, the child will experience new vistas of science and the professor will be challenged with a broad spectrum of scientific data. At the same time, each hears the gospel message through the unique vehicle of live science demonstrations.

Are your programs a discussion of the creation/evolution debate?

No. While we steadfastly hold that this universe was formed by a Creator, WOS programs do not discuss the question of creation vs. evolution. Not because the issue is unimportant, however. Several other organizations or call our West Coast office at (562) 631-6731. If you are interestedi n a series but need time to consider financing, contact us as soon as possible to reserve dates. Dates can be held for a limited time to allow for consideration of financing. Final confirmation for a series is given upon receipt of a deposit equal to 25% of the cost for the series. Deposits are refundable up to nine months prior to the program, fully refundable should Wonders of Science be forced to cancel. Wonders of Science has not missed a program due to illness, accident or "act of God" since it began. Deposits are not required for military programs.

Can we schedule a one-night program?

It is extremely difficult for Wonders of Science to present one-night programs at this point. It takes us six hours to set up the equipment and two hours to take it down. Most of the wear-and-tear on this equipment comes during these stages. We have found that between wear-and-tear on the equipment and transportation from location to location (our two biggest expenses), good stewardship of time or resources makes one-night programs untenable. We do occasionally stretch the series to five days or squeeze four programs into three days, but only on rare occasions can we do one-day programs. Another reason for our desire to present the entire series is continuity. While each program stands alone and contains the gospel presentation, the impact is greatest and word-of-mouth advertising is strongest when the program covers four days. If we were to do only one of the four programs,or take portions of each program, it would be like a pastor preparing for a four-point sermon, then being given only one-quarter of the anticipated time. You either give one point and have a truncated message or take pieces from each point and have a potpourri of unrelated illustrations. We have found that God has honored our four-day programs and the attendance builds throughout the program with the concluding presentation having the largest crowd.

Where in the program do you do the Million Volt Demonstration?

During each of the programs in the four-part series we turn on the million-volt generator so everyone gets to see the lightening. However, we do not reveal exactly when during the series our scientist "rides" the million volts. Hey, we've got to keep people guessing! You figure it out!

Is Wonders of Science available on video?

After many, many requests over the past 45 years for a DVD set of Wonders of Science we received foundation funding to record, edit and produce the full eight hour, four DVD multi-evening series.  We will continue to offer the full eight hour, four DVD set at its introductory price this year: five sets for $100 includes shipping, or $20 each + $4.95 shipping and handling.

Make checks payable to Wonders of Science and mail to Wonders of Science at 6401 Glengarry Avenue, Whittier, CA 90606-1513.

How large an auditorium do you require?

Wonders of Science does not require a minimum size audience. We leave auditorium size to the local sponsoring organization. Once an auditorium reaches more than 2000, some of the demonstrations become difficult to see from the back of the auditorium. However, we have done programs in auditoriums seating more than 4000. We do have specifications for platform size, however. The array of equipmentused in the programs takes quite a bit of room. Safety considerations also demand a minimum size platform. The platform needs a minimum width of 40' and a minimum depth at the center of 16'. A depth of 14' would be acceptable if a temporary 4'x4' extension is constructed at the front. The ceiling height (or height to the closest overhead obstruction) at the front center of the platform must be a minimum of 18' above the surface of the platform. We prefer a theater, school or civic auditorium over a church sanctuary. Un-churched people feel more comfortable attending in such a setting, and we want to remove any barriers these individuals might have to the gospel. However, we have had successful programs in church buildings. When we do,we always see a fewer number of un-churched individuals attending. You can obtain additional guidelines and suggestions on auditorium selection by contacting the Wonders of Science office.

How do I schedule a series?

Because of the amount of equipment transported from site to site, we schedule Wonders of Science by regional tours throughout the country. To schedule a series or obtain information on when Wonders of Science will be in your area,contact the Wonders of Science office at Deanortner@aol.com